Authentic Greek Music

Introducing the fabulous Nick Trivelas and his "Athens Trio!"

Listen and dance along to authentic, live Greek music performed by Nick Trivelas and the Athen's Trio band, with Joanna Kartsonis on vocals, Vasilis Tsoukalas on the bouzouki, and Nick Trivelas on guitar. The band will play throughout the day near our outdoor amphitheater!

Kafenion - Greek Coffee Shoppe

Enjoy the Kafenion where you can savor the exotic Greek coffee and sample the indescribable "Loukoumades". Other features in the coffee shop are tiropitas, spanikopita, pastries, and Greek foods, soft drinks, beer, Greek wine and American coffee. Don't miss the Greek hors d'oruvres plat available here.

The Marketplace (Plaka)

Stroll through the "Plaka" of various vendors. Booths of gold and silver, linens, Greek videos and tapes, Greek ornaments and plaques, nutcrackers, miniature paintings on lacquer boxes, nesting dolls, Grecian jewelry, bronze statures and icons, silver and turquoise, costume jewelry, Greek grocery store, and much more await your pleasure. There is also a flea market. Shop till your heart is content!

Carnival Playland

Youngsters will be delighted with "Carnival Corner" where they can enjoy face painting and other activities.

Outside Booths and Activities

Our outdoor booths will offer many Greek favorites that you don't have to be Greek to love: gyros, sovlaki, tiropitas, Greek fries, Greek sausage on buns, kalamari (crispy fried baby squid Greek style), saganaki, and much more. Also available will be the all-American foods like hot dogs, ice cream and soft drinks.

Self-Guided Icon Tour

Located in the lower-part of the Cathedral you can walk through a self-guided tour of iconography. Learn about this important part of the Orthodox faith - what icons are, how they are made, and how they are used.

Exploration of Orthodoxy

In the Cathedral we are offering informal discussions about the Orthodox faith and worship, as well tours of the cathedral, it's architecture and artwork. They will be offered throughout the festival.

Last year, we were unable to offer tours in the Cathedral due to scaffolding, but for this year our brand new mosaics have been finished. Come and see!

Traditional Greek Folk Dancing

Let the music play - dance in the spirit with the authentic attired Troupe Adelphia our Hellenic dancers as they entertain you again this year with their fine repertoire of over 200 traditional Greek dances from different areas of Greece, Cyprus and Asia Minor. The live band will be playing and the Hellenic dancers will dance all three days throughout the day and evening.