The Pastries

web_gvlgreek-106 Greek pastries are a delicacy that can’t be found just anywhere.Whether you’re looking for traditional baklava, or you’ve moved up to the creamy custard— like galaktoboureko— the Greenville Greek Festival is the only place you’ll have to find a true selection of extra ordinarily unique, fine sweets.Each year, the ladies of the Greek Orthodox community bake from sunup to sundown for weeks to produce these excellent pastries using the finest ingredients. They are available in the Hellenic Center and outside. So you promised the family a full box of sweets? Bet you don’t make it all the way home without opening the box and sampling one or two.

Amygthalota — Almond cookie

Baklava — The classic Greek pastry. Filo, layered with nuts, baked to a golden brown and covered with spiced syrup.

Dipless — Sweet, crisp folds of thin rolled pastry dough, deep fried to delicate perfection and drizzled with honey and cinnamon.web_gvlgreek-103

Finikia — A delicious, oval-shaped cookie dipped in honey and then rolled in nuts.

Galaktoboureko — A delectable custard dessert baked between thin pastry sheets and covered in syrup.

Karidopita — Traditional Greek walnut cake with spiced syrup.

Kataifi — Delicately shredded dough with chopped nuts and honey syrup.

Koulourakia — Delicious butter cookie, not too sweet, twisted into pretty shapes, basted with egg yolk and baked.

Kourambiedes — A delicate butter cookie covered with powdered sugar.

Loukoumades — This is the ultimate doughnut, light and airy, served warm, dipped in honey with a dash of cinnamon. As you walk outside by the tents you will catch the aroma of the Greek loukoumades as they cook. You won’t be able to resist buying a dozen of these powdered sugar-topped Greek donuts!