About The Church

Take A Tour
Tours of the St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral will be offered throughout the weekend.  These tours will highlight the beautiful Byzantine architecture and iconography of the church, as well as introduce the traditions and customs of this 2,000 year-old Christian Church founded by the Apostles.

Inside the church, you will see incredible icons, mosaics, and beautifully carved wooden pieces that are used in our services.  An opportunity to ask questions and see these features up close will also be available.

“Windows to Heaven”
There is an exhibit in the lower level of the Cathedral which explains the spiritual art of icons with many examples on display. Come and learn about this ancient and inspiring religious art.

Choir and Chanters of the Church
“Celebration of Orthodoxy”
The Saint George Cathedral Choir invites you to a concert inside the Cathedral. This 30 minute concert, called “The Celebration of Orthodoxy,” will include selections from the celebration of the Resurrection (Pascha) and other hymns heard throughout the liturgical year. They will sing on Saturday and Sunday at 4:00pm. We hope you can find time in your enjoyment of our Greek culture to come and hear the beauty of this ancient music.

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